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Over 65,000 Women Made Literate Since 2007
TARA Akshar gets validated for Saakshar Bharat Mission 2012
TARA Akshar+ Graduate

Kelavati Devi, a 77 year old resident of Bhanota village is the star student of TARA Akshar. She says “Girls in our times were not sent to schools and were married off at a very early age”. Which is why, despite being interested in studying, Kelavati could never get the chance to study. At the age of 77 years, when the Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) brought TARA Akshar program to her village, Kalavati Devi joined it without a moment wasted. Full of passion, hard work and belief, Kelavati started changing her status of illiterate to literate and finally, by passing the exam in November 2012, showed the world that there is no age to study. Now a literate, Kalavati Devi has a new identity in her village and continues to inspire the women of her village to becoming literate.

Durgawati Devi, 35 years old, is a resident of Birampur village in Abholi Block of Sant Ravidas Nagar District. She lives with her husband and four daughters and one son. She is the President of UNDP SHG ‘Shankerji’. She used to be the non-performing president of her self-help group until she joined Tara Akshar+ programme. Full of passion, hard workand belief, Durgawati started changing her status of illiterate to literate. Now a literate, Durgawati Devi has a new identity in her village and has continued to inspiring otherwomen of her village to becoming literate. She can now operate her bank account which she was unable to operate before she joined the programme.

Mrs. Bahula Devi is the Pradhan of Gram Panchayat, Kakrahi. 50 year old Bahula, was illiterate. She feels that if she was literate, she could perform her duties better. When in March 2013, the TARA Akshar+ programme came to her village; Bahula immediately enrolled herself in the program with the hope of becoming literate. With dedication and hard work, on May 2013, she passed the examination. The ability to read and write has brought a new confidence in her and now she is able to do anything in a better way. Her confidence and reading and writing ability has inspired other women of her village too.

Akshar has taught more adults to read in India in the last two years than any other adult literacy method. Over 65,000 illiterate women have graduated the TARA Akshar course and so learned to read and write in just over 49 days.

Our focus is on teaching illiterate women in rural India, whose ages range from 8 to 60. Most of them have never been to school.

You can help! We are very pleased with what we have done, but we have had to turn away tens of thousands of women who wanted to do the TARA Akshar Literacy Course because we do not have enough resources. If you would like to help - money, translations, volunteering, graphics - in India or overseas. Please cilck here to contact .

Students write Thank you Notes

This is 32 year old Maina Devi, of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. She learned to read and write in 35 days on the TARA Akshar course, and wrote us her own thank-you note to prove it.

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TARA Akshar has been selected & put on the official website of Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DAR&PG), Government of India, as one of the good governance practices that would aid in building capacity at the district, state and centre.

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TARA Akshar uses the ReadingWise technique for learning.
TARA Akshar is a TARAhaat venture.
TARAhaat is part of the Development Alternatives Group.

TARA Akshar has been funded by DFID (through its PACS Programme), Telecentre.org, Oxfam, Suzlon Foundation, Connect For Change UK and others.